Dream Body


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  • Manufacturer: Superior 14
  • Aroma: მარწყვი
  • Volume: 900.00 გრამი
  • Portion: 30

  • Dream Body


Dream Body Superior 14 - Designed specifically for women, you can achieve your dream body quickly and easily with Superior 14 Dream Body Whey Protein Powder! Dream Body Whey Protein Formula contains whey protein isolates made using the latest manufacturing technologies and is therefore especially recommended for those who are active even on a daily basis, are engaged in shaping, training for fiber, dieting or leading a healthy lifestyle. Conscious lifestyle. Thanks to its hydrolysis, it replenishes your muscles in seconds and also provides an immediate replenishment of amino acids.

With its low carbohydrate and fat content and 75% premium protein content, it can be used by professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes with excellent results.