Liquid Vitamin D-3 400 IU


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  • Manufacturer: Haya Labs
  • Volume: 10.00 ml
  • Portion: 350

  • Liquid Vitamin D-3 400 IU


Nutritional supplement with a high concentration of Vitamin D, in a convenient liquid form for fast absorption.

  • Liquid formula
  • Maintains good condition of the skin
  • Beneficial for the immune system
  • Suitable for kids
  • Important for bone development
  • Provides the necessary daily dose


Liquid Vitamin D-3 formula makes it easy to absorb by the body. It contains extremely high-quality Vitamin D-3, which has a huge impact on bone and skin health. It additionally stimulates the immune system and increases the levels of calcium in the blood. It is known by the name "solar vitamin" because it is formed in the body by the action of the sun's rays. Therefore, during the winter season, it is especially important to get it through nutritional supplements.

Highly valuable supplement that has a huge impact on the immune system and supports the overall body health.



Recommended use:  Take 1 dose, maximum 5 times daily. It can be consumed directly of dissolved in liquid.
One dose: One drop (approximately 0,0285ml)